The collection of the Cinemateca Brasileira is at serious risk. With no technical staff for the management of the audiovisual and documental collection, for the technical analysis of materials and maintenance of climate-controlled vaults, the Brazilian audiovisual heritage has never been so threatened. It is important to remember that, among its holdings, we find the largest collection of nitrate films in Brazil, which are the living history of Brazilian culture, and cinematography. Such a collection needs constant maintenance due to its self-combustion capacity. Depending on the ambient temperature, nitrate material is capable of igniting without the need for a flame to ignite the fire. In 2016, a fire hit part of the nitrate collection.  At that time, even with numerous requests to expand the staff, the institution already had few employees for the maintenance and treatment of the numerous collections deposited at the institution. Now there are no employees left from this long tradition of technical and historical work. In spite of the promises of the opening a new public call for applications for the institution administrative staff, no concrete action has been taken.  In the face of this administrative gap, unprecedented in the institution’s history, the Brazilian Government must take immediate and urgent measures, including:

  1. Designing a transition plan for the new management of the Cinemateca Brasileira, including emergency hiring of employees for basic maintenance of the collection and transfer of knowledge.
  2. Immediate hiring of basic services for maintenance of the institution: maintenance of the air conditioning system, cleaning, and pest control.
  3. Transparency concerning the administrative transition process and setting deadlines for hiring new management.
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